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Comeptition name:
TWAS-COMSTECH Joint Research Grants
Name of institution:
TWAS grant announcement
Type of financial institution:
Type of financing:
Funding amount:
Less than USD 50K
Funding for:
For young scientists in OIC countries working in science and technology
Maturity stage of
target companies:
in OIC countries
Focus industry:
Scientific research
Date last modified:
2012-07-12 00:00:00
Deadline for application:
Description of financial services:

The programme aims at encouraging the pursuit of scientific excellence in OIC countries by identifying and supporting the best young scientists in these countries; reinforcing and promoting scientific research and strengthening the endogenous capacity in science and technology; and counteracting the brain drain and reducing the exodus of scientific talent from the OIC countries.

Description of the competition and any conditions for eligibility:

The programme provides support for research projects in the following fields of science and technology: earth sciences, engineering sciences, information technology and computer sciences, materials science including nanotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences and renewable energy.

Description of other services:
  • Individual applicants must be nationals of OIC Member States, with a PhD and some research experience, but at the beginning of their careers.  They should hold positions at universities or research institutions in one of the OIC countries.  As a general rule, the grants are awarded to competent scientists under the age of 40 years.
  • Scientists who submit a satisfactory final report on a previous grant may apply for a renewal.
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