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Comeptition name:
ArabNet Developer Tournament
Name of institution:
ArabNet Developer Tournament
Type of financial institution:
Type of financing:
Funding amount:
Less than USD 50K
Funding for:
best web/ mobile developer
Maturity stage of
target companies:
Berytech Technological Pole
Focus industry:
web / mobile programming
Date last modified:
2012-10-03 13:23:33
Deadline for application:
Description of financial services:

The ArabNet Developer Tournament, is a regional competition across Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt to highlight the best web and mobile programmers. Four winners from each country competition will win cash prizes as well as flight and accommodation to attend the ArabNet Digital Summit and represent their country in the Championship round.

If you’d like to win some cash and represent your country in the final Developers championship in Beirut, then we’re after you! Signing up is free, you just have to be a developer. Follow these steps to sign up for the tournament in your city.


Description of the competition and any conditions for eligibility:

Developers and coders will gohead-to-head in a 4-round 12-hour tournament-style competition starting at 9 am that will determine the top 4 developers and reward them with a total of $5000in cash prizes. The winners will also represent Lebanon at the final ArabNetDeveloper Championship during the ArabNet Digital Summit of 2013, to compete against the winners from all the other tournaments for the grand title.

Description of other services:


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