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Frequently Asked Questions
1 . What is the purpose of this website?

This website is presented as a forum for Entrepreneurs and Investors to be able to contact each other and stay up to date on the latest Entrepreneurial events and competitions. Please note that this website is for informational purposes only and if you choose to publish information to share with others you do so at your own risk.

2 . How do I contact the people listed on the website?

To contact the people listed on this site you can use the message box only through our website. We do not use personal email information because they could be used as spams.


3 . How can I make my project visible only to investors?

When you sign up and start entering information in your profile, you have the option of entering one or more projects you are undertaking.  These projects could be at any stage (concept, start-up, growth, etc.) and you might want to display them under your profile for investors to see.  Click the “Visible” checkbox when entering your project if you want other users to be able to see it as well.

4 . What are funding options?
  • Equity: the investor will own a share of your business, becoming a partner for a set period of time, usually for three to five years.  The share an equity investor holds generally is not more than 25%.  Equity investors will also sit on the business’ board and share in the decision-making process, bringing their maturity and experience to start-ups.
  • Loan: an amount of money that is expected to be paid back within an agreed-upon period of time and with interest
  • Other:  Other funding mechanisms exist.  The most common one being the grant: an amount of money  given by an organization, or government, for a particular purpose, which does not need to be re-paid.
5 . What are the legal forms of businesses in Lebanon?
  • Undisclosed Partnership
  • Personal Companies
    • Societes en nom collectif
    • Societes en commandite simple
  • Limited Liability Companies
    • SARL
    • Joint Stock Companies
    • SAL
    • SAL Holding
    • SAL Offshore


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