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Frequently Asked Questions
6 . What are the stages of a business?
  • Concept stage:  Your business is still a thought or idea.  You might have or have not started developing a prototype.
  • Seed stage:  You have a prototype and/or a business plan and you are ready to open your company.  You need to secure a capital and a management team.
  • Start-Up Stage: Your business exists legally; your products or services are developed, and you may have one or more clients
  • Growth Stage: Your business is established with a market presence, customers, and increasing revenues.  New opportunities and issues exist, and competition is starting to pop up
  • Expansion Stage: Your business has matured and is fully functional; it has a place in the market and maintains loyal customers
  • Expansion Stage:  You are considering expanding into new markets and distribution channels in an effort to secure a larger market share and increase revenues and profit
  • Mature Stage: The business is well-established, successful, and profitable; focus is on maintaining strategic advantage in face of competition
  • Decline Stage: Sales and profits are decreasing and the business is losing its strategic edge to the competition
  • Exit Stage: The business owners either cash out and sell the business, or simply shut it down
7 . Why am I getting funny looking entries when I cut and paste from Word?

Kindly cut and paste your text in Note Pad first before pasting it into the website.  Note Pad ensures that your text is free from unwanted embedded formatting characters.

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