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Name of institution:
Berytech Fund
Type of financial institution:
VC Fund
Type of financing:
Funding amount:
Between USD 500K - 2 Million
Funding for:
Lebanese Start-Ups
Maturity stage of
target companies:
Focus industry:
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Date last modified:
2011-10-12 02:58:56
Description of the organization:

Berytech Fund was founded in 2008. It is part of an eco-system focused on enterprise development and which started in 2002 with the establishment of Berytech Technology Pole, the first technology incubator in Lebanon. An initiative of Saint Joseph University (USJ), a prominent francophone university, the incubator was constructed in its Science & Technology Campus in the suburbs of Beirut and soon became a breeding ground for ICT ventures. In 2006, to respond for a growing demand for business development services and hosting, Berytech Technology & Health was inaugurated in the heart of Beirut within the Campus of Medical Science. The center was the recipient of a support grant from the European Union in recognition for its role in business development and incubation.

In the fulfillment of its mission, Berytech realized the need for providing equity financing to entrepreneurs. This led its Chairman, Mr. Maroun Chammas, to bring the idea to a successful fruition by assembling both a prominent group of investors who share the vision of Berytech to support entrepreneurship in Lebanon, and a professional team to manage the investment.
Thanks to the Fund’s ties to the support structure of Berytech, it enjoys access to a pool of business practitioners, academic experts and seasoned entrepreneurs, as well as to an array of business development services encompassing training, coaching, and access to further funding and to a wide network of local and global expertise.
Berytech’s involvement in the SME sector has allowed it to identify a market need for small scale early investment as well as a level of professional direction. We responded to this need by establishing the Berytech Fund.
Description of the financial services:


The fund is investing from $100,000 to $1,200,000 per transaction, a range not generally served by formal venture capital funds, and will help secure additional financing if and when needed. To help its portfolio companies grow, the fund is calling on its shareholders and a vast array of worldwide contacts to bring in the necessary expertise which could be technical, marketing, networking, management, corporate governance, etc.
The time horizon of the fund’s investment is up to seven years, at the end of which, the portfolio company could have grown to the size that will allow it either to go public, attract potential strategic partner, or merge with another company in its field to benefit from the economy of scale.
The fund invests in companies that need both funding to grow their businesses, and management, technical, and marketing support to achieve it.
Its investment criteria are:
  • Early growth Lebanese ICT company
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial
  • Existing product and customer base
  • Great growth potential
  • Regional & global outlook
These criteria are not exhaustive and Berytech Fund is always eager to consider exciting business opportunities. Priority will be given to businesses demonstrating high-growth potential - in terms of launching new products, entering new markets and increasing employment. The fund is generally able to co-invest alongside private investors or further VC funds.
Description of other services:

Berytech Fund provides both funding and support through a dedicated staff.

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