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Presidency of the Council of Ministers

The National e-Strategy Coordination function has been established at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in July 2010, with the aims of starting the implementation of the National e-strategy in order to make Lebanon a hub and center of excellence in the provision of for e-services, creativity and innovation, telecom and internet services.

The National ICT Strategy activities are organized around 5 pillars: 

  1. Physical Infrastructure and Broadband connectivity
  2. Legal infrastructure and policies mainstreaming for ICT
  3. e-Government
  4. Education and Capacity Building
  5. Innovation, Research and Development
  6. ICT as a production sector
  7. ICT for economic and social development

The cooperation with Entrepreneurs Lebanon comes under the fifth and sixth pillars and aims at increasing the number of technology start-ups, as well as investments in the ICT sector as a whole.

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