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Ahmad kilani's Project

Ahmad kilani
Title: broiler Farms
Number of employees:
1 or 2 at start-up
Current stage of business:
Help needed:
Legal form:
Past funding received:
Annual gross sales:
$200,000 per house
Amount needed:
Intersted in:
Purpose of funding: a small agriculture land to start with approx. cost would be $120,000 to $140,000\\r\\n2. Erect broiler house that would held a capacity of 14,000 chicken, and the cost would be approx. $60,000 => The total amount would be approx. $200,000
Date last modified:
2012-07-11 02:48:50
Description of the project:



After one year of studies, I found that most of the entrepreneurs in Lebanon are seeking for tourism and entertainment industry. It's a high competitive industry, although it's true that it has high revenues, yet it can be very risky concerning turmoil in Lebanon and in the region. Therefore, I looked farther, and found out that a perfect almost risk free project will be in the agriculture industry, more specifically, in the poultry production. Lebanon imports 2000 tons of broilers yearly from Syria. Knowing that the Lebanese consumer prefers the fresh meat, thus demanding more local produced.

Also, Lebanese tend to consume more than 20kg/person/year, which are considered high. There are many other facts that shows that a broiler production business is almost a free risk project and can never ran out of business unless a world epidemic occurs. As for the profit and costs, it is very interesting to know that there is absolutely minimal cost. The cost would be salaries of one or two employees to take care of the poultry, energy cost, and taxes. Other than that it's all profit which can reach up to 90%. The plan is simple, a small agricultural land of about 5,000km2 to 10,000km2 would cost from $120,000 to $140,000 depending on the location. Construction of the broiler house would cost approx. $60,000 per house of a 14,000 broiler capacity, and the more houses you get, the more profit you get. Hence, a greater marginal profit.

There will be 8 sale cycle in a year, each cycle will produce $11000 per house of broiler (net profit), this would means  $88,000 per house per year, and the higher houses number, the higher profit to get. For more details about this study, please do not hesitate about contacting me.

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