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edward bechara's Project

edward bechara
Title: Loqus
Mobile Application
Number of employees:
Current stage of business:
Help needed:
Funding, Other,
Legal form:
Past funding received:
Annual gross sales:
Amount needed:
Intersted in:
Purpose of funding:
In order to achieve clients and user awareness, a marketing strategy must be solid. And in order to do so, we need a certain amount of money to cover these expanses.
Date last modified:
2017-05-03 14:31:44
Description of the project:

Businesses and Stores are struggling to get noticed and to attract more customers through advertisements and promotions in the social media, television, billboards, etc.

But currently, people across the globe, young or old, have shifted their focus to their mobile devices where they spend most of their time playing, working, shopping and socializing.
Using the customer-centric approach of ‘Loqus’, businesses and stores can send notifications and promotions to those customers, hence making their receptivity and keep their clients up-to-date where they will be able follow to the businesses  latest news and promotions, and benefit daily from hot offers any where in the country making 'Loqus' a perfect guide at the lowest cost.

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