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Fouad Salaam's Project

Fouad Salaam
Title: TFA (Tiger Financial Analysis)
Adma, Lebanon
Number of employees:
Current stage of business:
Help needed:
Pillars, Funding,
Legal form:
Past funding received:
Annual gross sales:
$ 100,000,000
Amount needed:
Intersted in:
Purpose of funding:
to re-write the entire system to suits the net. We will launch it on the net against an annual prescription of $100 only per user.
Date last modified:
2018-01-23 19:02:29
Description of the project:

TFA is not a software application but an aritificial intelligence to be launched on the net. 

TFA is a solution that identifys the financial position of business entity, describes the weak points and then prescribe the financial solution.

TFA is not merely a financial calculator nor it is just a spreadsheet. It is artificial intelligence by all means.

There is no competitor to this invention anywhere in the world. There is no similar solution not even close to it. It is a breakthrough in the artificial intelligence technology.

TFA is an unprecedented standard in financial analysis. 

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